Webinar Series – Developing Profitable Forex Strategies

In this six part webinar series sponsored by Donna Forex, we explore how we can use the FX Autotrader Elite to automate, test and optimise forex trading strategies.
Webinar #1: 11 July 2015

In the first webinar we tested and optimised a simple trend confirmation strategy that was published on the Web using just MAs for trend direction and MACD for trend confirmation. We finished up with a strategy that was profitable from 2014 onwards when back tested from January 2012.
Webinar #2: 18 July 2015

This webinar focussed on understanding how you can use MAs and RSI in different ways to simulate things like divergences and trend line breaks. Webinar #3: 25 July 2015

In this webinar we spent some more time examining a strategy which used RSI as a pullback trigger for entry into a trend. We also looked at how we might automate divergence trades with the FX Autotrader Elite. We finished with a look at the weekend gap trade – a very simple trade to automate.
Webinar #4: 1 August 2015

We show how we automate the Divergence strategy and optimise the settings to deliver a 345% return over just 18 months on the GBPUSD H1 timeframe. We also dissect a Russ Horn strategy and show how we can easily automate it ready for back testing and optimisation.
Webinar #5: 8 August 2015

See how you can take a losing strategy and make it profitable for long term trading.
Webinar #6: 15 August 2015

In this webinar we finalise the Forex Power Pro strategy and look at two other simple strategies, both of which can be made profitable over a 3 year back test.
Webinar #7: 29 August 2015

In our final webinar in this series we reviewed the back test performance of the six strategies we created and optimised. We also described the many and varied ways in which you can use the standard indicators to automate strategies using the FX Autotrader Elite. We covered using MAs to signal candlestick patterns like engulfing and dojis. And how to use RSI or MACD to automate overbought/oversold strategies. How to use the scale-in and basket management features for limited grid trading and/or limited martingale type scale-ins. Please fast forward to about 5 minutes into the recording for the actual start. (Sorry about the glitch)