Because we are dedicated to helping you make money with trading forex by providing

  • information and methods to develop your own strategies
  • ideas to sharpen your analytical skills; and
  • tools to automate your trading

At DIY ForexSkills we want you to make money trading forex consistently, by showing you the right skills and giving you the right tools to do it yourself.
As a trader there are two key things I have learnt.

The first is to focus on a single methodology and not get distracted by all the weird and wonderful trading fads and indicators and get-rich-quick scams that land in our inbox every day.

The second is to spend time on developing strategies that can generate profits; and not on the time-consuming mechanical parts of trading forex manually. We have tools that can do that for us – unemotionally!

Webinar Series – Developing Profitable Forex Strategies

In this six part webinar series sponsored by Donna Forex, we explore how we can use the FX Autotrader Elite to automate, test and optimise forex trading strategies.

Webinar #1: 11 July 2015

In the first webinar we tested and optimised a simple trend confirmation strategy that was published on the Web using just MAs for trend direction and MACD for trend confirmation. We finished up with a strategy that was profitable from 2014 onwards when back tested from January 2012.


Dynamic Market Trading

Forex trading tools – a must for every traderThere is a new way of thinking about the forex market and a new way of trading that market. Here is why. For too long we have grappled with whether our trading should be based on technical analysis or on fundamentals; or on some mixture of both. There are good arguments for all three methods. And good examples can be provided to support all three … Read full article →

Let the market come to you

How many times have you purchased an EA, watch it make some money for a few weeks, and then promptly lose all of those winnings and more a month later. Yes, you are in a drawdown, and you won’t know how long that drawdown will last. And how much money you will lose. So you switch the EA off in disgust. You have spent $200 buying the EA, and now you have lost another $300 of your $1000 trading … Read full article →

Seven EAs for the Price of 1

FX Autotrader Elite –Seven EAs for the Price of 1! ……and you can also make your own EAs With the launch of our updated FX Autotrader Elite Expert Advisor, customers are being offered, for a limited time only, seven currently profitable SET files or EAs. How is that possible? Simply because the FX Autotrader Elite is no ordinary Expert Advisor. It is actually a trading tool with which you can … Read full article →

What have we learned from 6 months trading?

To succeed in trading we need to regularly analyse our trading results and adjust our strategies accordingly. It pays to never skip this important aspect of trading and there is a great tool to help us do this – it is called the Publisher EA and is available for free from By loading this EA on your platform you will be able to analyse your … Read full article →

Trading the AUDUSD with Moving Averages and Moving Averages of RSI

This strategy is designed to work ranging markets on the 15 minute timeframe It uses a slow Moving Average (MA) to ensure we only take trades in the direction of the longer term trend and triggers the trades on the cross of the MAs of RSI. Strategy Conditions Double MA crossover based on: Fast Smoothed MA (SMMA) of 10 Slow Simple MA (SMA) of 100 Double MA crossover of RSI RSI … Read full article →

Forex Trading Ideas

This is an occasional video series providing ideas and information on developing strategies for manual or automated trading and other more general trading ideas. These videos are very much targeted at the practical aspects of trading rather than the theoretical. Please register for the Free Sign Up so that you will be notified when a new video is posted. And let me know if there is any particular … Read full article →

Complete Guide to FX Autotrader Elite

This is an ongoing video series in which I explain the workings of the Autotrader and its many features. I also explain how to use them and provide lots of examples of how to develop strategies utilising the different indicator modules and entry and exit settings. I also cover issues in response to questions and suggestions from users. This video series complements the descriptions and … Read full article →

The Importance to Traders of learning the Personality of your Currencies

happy crowd

Whether trading Forex, commodities, equities or futures, all tradable instruments have a personality type. ...a manner in which they move based on reactions to posted economic data, or anticipated data, or even times of the day, week or year. The well-used saying in equities of Sell in May And Go Away, is based on an irregular, but sometimes true, aspect of major US markets to flatten or … Read full article →