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Hi, I’m Andrew Peters. My philosophy in life is to try and keep things simple, or at least break things down into manageable bits and learn to understand and control each as best as possible.

I started out my career as an Industrial Chemist, so sorting and identifying component parts is not new to me. I then progressed into a corporate management career before embarking on the wonderful world of Forex trading when I stopped fulltime work.

Over the past 5 years I have invested in my forex education, as well as wasting a lot of money along the way on robots, trading rooms, signal and mirroring services.

After some frustration in attempting to make consistent profits without endless hours at the computer, I have now found a way that works for me. Trading is now more enjoyable and I have the confidence knowing I can build and run a portfolio of profitable strategies. This is what I now want to share with you.

This is not rocket science, but there are tips, methods and information I have learned along the way that I would like to share with other forex traders. I can help you understand the basics of technical trading and the discipline to develop, test and optimise trading strategies. And then use tools, such as I have now developed, to do the manual grind of trading to your plan.

Over time I hope to develop a range of educational videos and articles to help you build confidence in developing your own forex strategies, that you can then automate. This way you will spend your time on the important aspects of trading, that is, designing and tweaking the strategies that work, rather than time spent on the mechanics of trading.

I hope you will see my new and simple approach to trading as something that you can use as well.
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