Seven EAs for the Price of 1


FX Autotrader Elite –Seven EAs for the Price of 1!

……and you can also make your own EAs

With the launch of our updated FX Autotrader Elite Expert Advisor, customers are being offered, for a limited time only, seven currently profitable SET files or EAs.

How is that possible? Simply because the FX Autotrader Elite is no ordinary Expert Advisor. It is actually a trading tool with which you can develop your own strategies simply by adjusting the properties of the Autotrader. But you need to understand some basics of technical analysis for that and so the Autotrader is supplied with seven proven strategies or SET files that you can load onto multiple copies of the Autotrader.

That way you can start trading immediately, on demo first of course, while you learn how the Autotrader operates and how you can “program” it yourself.

The documentation that accompanies the SET files explains the indicators upon which the EA is based and the settings that have been used. So there are your first lessons.

The User Guide explains in simple terms how to load these SET files onto your MT4 trading platform and then how to trade them; and the User Guide also has a detailed description and explanation of the many features of the Autotrader including a 10-step process on how to develop a new strategy from scratch.

Equally important, Part 3 of the User Guide sets out the key elements of a trading plan and trading regime for managing a portfolio of strategies or EAs. Because a portfolio of EAs is what you will have when you purchase the FX Autotrader Elite.

And trading a portfolio of strategies rather than a single strategyor EA is important because in that way you will smooth out your results, experience less volatile movements and lower drawdowns. With the previous version of the Autotrader trading just five strategies, we were able to achieve a return of 4.5% per month with a drawdown of only 5.1%!

SevenEAs -graph

You can read the full report here .


  1. Harald Gräfe says

    Ich habe den FX Autotrader Elite gekauft. Ist es möglich de EA Controller mit den Rabatt noch zu kaufen.

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