DIY Frequent Trader

Great Performance with Performance-based Fees. Results from all the development and testing are highly encouraging with an expected monthly return of 5 to 10% per month trading at 0.01 lot per trade with a performance-based subscription fee of 20% above the high-water mark. So you only pay when you have made a profit for the month. The image below shows the performance of the live account commenced on 5 January 2021.

With ASIC (Australia) joining FCA (UK) and ESMA (Europe) in limiting the leverage brokers can offer retail clients to 1:20 for the minor forex pairs by end March 2021, this signal service is being designed to enable trade copying of all eight pairs to a minimum $5K account set to 1:20 leverage.

Subscribers will have options depending on the account size and/or the leverage they wish to trade.

Subscribers who wish to operate larger accounts and/or operate with brokers offering higher leverage, will be able to adjust the lot size of the trades they receive and hence be able to achieve higher returns.

Subscribers who wish to operate smaller accounts have two options:

  1. Still trade at 1:20 with an ASIC, ESMA or FCA regulated broker but only trade a few (uncorrelated) pairs. Eg trade on a $2K account but only for USDJPY, GBPCHF and EURAUD
  2. Trade with a broker that still offers 1:400 leverage in which case $2000 would be sufficient

Portfolio Characteristics

The strategies employed in this portfolio were developed on the FX Autotrader Elite and are all variations on a theme. We recognise that good entries are important but clever and realistic exits are even more important given how chaotic markets are. Consequently, most trades are closed as part of a basket of trades consisting of Initial, Re-entry and judiciously-placed scale-in trades. And we are happy to close at small profits, frequently, rather than agonizingly waiting to see if we can catch a trend. In order to avoid runaway losses, all trades have a maximum life span of 30 H4 bars or 500 M15 bars, roughly equivalent to 5 days of trading; long enough for price to revert near to its mean and hence a close in profit or reduced loss.; but not too long to accentuate the loss.

We will generally have an open drawdown (DD) varying anywhere from $50 to $500 on the Master account trading at 0.01 lots. But even as the open DD increases, we continue to close trades in profit building up our Account Balance. Open DDs can rise fast but also decline fast. By the end of the week of 22 December for example on the demo account, open DD fell by 70% from its high. Profit factor has been above 2 for most of the test period as shown in illustration above.


The sign-up process is being finalised and will be available early in 2021. We assume that potential subscribers will want to see some period of trading on live before making a commitment. The Master account on live commenced trading on 5 January 2021

On sign up there will be a quarterly Service fee of USD$5, ie USD$5 every three months billed automatically via PayPal, with Invoices sent on the second day of each month for the 20% of profit above high water mark on the subscriber’s account. This latter fee will need to be paid within two weeks to ensure continuity of signal.


Pls contact us at for any further clarification or to register interest.

January 2021